Welcoming a new life into the world is a huge time for parents. Once things begin to settle, you may choose to celebrate the birth by organising a naming ceremony for your child. Some are conducted when the baby is quite young and others may be later on, such as on the first birthday or other significant family milestone.

Would you like to introduce your little one to your community of family and friends? This can be a simple affair on a Sunday afternoon or a more elaborate one. A gorgeous ceremony is created to welcome your child. You might like to involve grandparents, godparents or guardians, big brothers and sisters, family wishes, rituals, gifts.

I will come to you with my laptop and sit over a cup of tea. Together (while you are feeding and changing nappies, perhaps?) we will work on a ceremony that suits your ideas and needs. I will listen and guide you and then I will work on it some more at home. The draft will be sent to you for your changes and the finished ceremony will be checked by you before the day.

I’m sure you will be pleased with the result. Contact me now! 03 9484 7276.



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