Are we able to have a say in the type of ceremony?

Of course! I listen to you and help you create a wonderful ceremony that reflects you as a couple. It’s all about YOU, not me! I have resources and many choices are available or you can write your own ceremony.

We’re getting married. What do we have to do legally?

A Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be completed and in the celebrant’s possession a clear calendar month before your wedding day. I have these forms and am able to help you complete the Notice. You need to show evidence of your birth ~ your birth certificate if you were born in Australia is required. Your current passport if born overseas is acceptable if you are unable to provide your birth certificate. If you have been previously married, evidence of how your last marriage ended is also required.

Before the wedding day (usually at the rehearsal) there is a legal document to sign stating there is no legal impediment to the two of you marrying one another.

Two people over the age of 18 are needed to witness your marriage and sign the certificates on the day.

What’s your fee?

I don’t have a set fee. I listen to your needs and base my fee on several factors. Call me to discuss this. My fee is reasonable and I am prepared to travel. Please don’t choose your celebrant on fee alone. There are many celebrants out there. Find someone you feel comfortable with. I am very happy to speak with you on the phone so please don’t hesitate. Ring me now. 03 9484 7276

If you are greeted with an answering machine, I will return your call as soon as possible.

I do require a non-refundable booking fee of $200 (which of course comes off the balance) to secure me for your time and day.

I am no longer registered to conduct legal marriages BUT if you really want me to perform your ceremony, I am happy to do it and will have a registered marriage celebrant take care of the legal aspects before and on the day. Ring to discuss or send an email to helen.oconnor@optusnet.com.au

Are you available on such and such a day?

Usually that’s the first question. “Are you available on such and such a date?” If you have chosen the date of your wedding day, make sure you ring or email immediately to see if I’m available on your day. Some couples book me months in advance. Ring me on 03 9484 7276


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