Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a way to acknowledge, celebrate and express your love for another person when a marriage ceremony is not possible.

Marriage between same sex couples is not legal in Australia yet. I’d like to think that this law will be changed soon. Love, in my opinion, is love and everyone ought to have the right to choose marriage as an option to celebrate and legalise their commitment to one another.

You can be as creative as you like and together, we will write the most memorable ceremony that suits your needs and reflects you as a couple. Let your imagination run free……

Renewal of Vows and Anniversary Ceremonies

Been together for many years or a few? Want to celebrate your commitment to one another? Gather your friends, open the bar, bake a cake and you’re off!

Allow me to help you create a gorgeous ceremony to let your friends and family know you that are still in love AND that you survived! What great role models you are!

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